We put technology at the service of ergonomic prevention

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Social distance alerts

We provide cutting-edge solutions to companies to maintain the prescribed distances thank to Ultra-Broadband technology sensors.

Sensors surface disinfection adapted

All-over encapsulation by means of a highly resistant protective coating that may prevent damage on the long run and can be disinfected by 70% plus ethanol solution.

Telerehabilitation oriented solutions

8+ years of expertise in tele-rehabilitation and tele-assistance solutions.

Self-developed Wearable Sensors

Technology for human activity tracking and analysis in industrial and medical context. 

Up to 11 body-wearn sensors inmune to electromagnetic and in-band interferences, to freely operate in full occuped 2.4Ghz environments such as WiFi and Bluetooth in industries 4.0.

Artificial Intelligence

We are experts in providing AI guided solutions in different scopes. All our solutions have an AI top layer for posture recognition and analysis which helps us to generate enriched and anonymized databases with information and intelligent recommendations on the postural performance of workers and patients.

Featured work

Telekin project

Interactive home assistance with 3D Rehabilitation Exercises improving the living conditions of people with disabilities, especially those with spinal cord injuries. The project consists of the development of a system based on Microsoft's Kinect and Wearable Sensors technology that uses Serious Games to improve the quality of life of people with different types of motor disabilities. The proposed solution facilitates rehabilitation for people living in remote locations, bringing therapeutic exercises closer to the home of patients through elements that can be commonly found in homes (television, computer, console ...), which allows lower costs of the end user system and optimize healthcare spending. The system will allow therapists to design individualized therapies and also monitor patients through a clinical history.

Social distance checker

Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household. In workplaces, its crucial to ensure the prescribed distances of at least 2m between workers. As an employer, you can assure the safe production in your plant and adapt your assembly line to actual and future distance requirement from gobernments thank to Twyncare self-developed solutions based on UWB devices

Twynsense for Industry

Our solution, unlike our competitors, enables evaluation in the workplace itself, in both design and monitoring processes without the need for cameras. Furthermore, data collection is stored in the cloud with the subsequent analysis, and it is possible both real-time and after-recording 3D video visualization , obtained from the Cloud Database.

We offer ergonomic job evaluation services and virtual design of industrial jobs, applied in various productive sectors, such as assembly of automotive parts, metallurgy or heavy industry, being able to carry out an analysis of the postural risk of the workers, achieving the perfect adaptation of the position also from the design process. It allows anticipating possible difficulties in certain positions or tasks, reducing the number and cost of sick leave and increasing productivity.

Workplace Simulator

A lot of companies in Automotive industry need reliable and objective measuring methods on which to base themselves to take decisions when designing worklines. The current methodology of most of this companies does not include adequate workflow design processes or evaluation measures before its start-up, leading to large economic losses if it is finally determined that a redesign is needed (as a harmful position by example).

We offer to take part in the design process of these workplaces by developing a Virtual Reality environment that allows, together with our sensors, to take exact measurements before the implementation itself, adapting it according to the capabilities of the worker. In addition, we monitor the lines already implemented, obtaining objective and homologous analysis including the total storage in the cloud of the generated data and being these viewable in the 3D environment. Our comprehensive service is completed with the offer of training for jobs with Augmented Reality technologies.
Nvidia Cuda & AI validated expert. VR & AR expertise in medical environments. 10+ years developing innovation for university-driven projects.
Mario Martínez
Electronics and sensing designer. Nvidia teacher assistant in several AI courses. Santander Explorer 2019 winner project in Valladolid Space.
Javier González
Web and mobile developer. Big Data and Cloud Database. Microprocesor & comunication protocols expert.
David Oviedo
Product design, UX and Front-end. Agile development methodology. SERAM projects colaborator.
Gabriel Morales
Ergonomics and trauma surgery. ICT medicine projects expert.
Héctor J. Aguado
Medical Expertise

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